We have  revamped both EPLTV & EPL Sport.Both have resident channels,we will fill both with as many as possible 


http://www.epl424.org/ - Main site

http://epltv1.wix.com/epl2014 - 24/7 - TV & sport

http://eplsport.yolasite.com/  - Old 24/7 -TV & sport

http://epl352.chatango.com/  - Chat box 

http://www.epl442.com/ -  original site ,has livescore links etc 

DONATE - paypal.me/Epl442

Sept 3 2015 - You will notice that some feeds now have an annoying ad block ransom notice ( we cannot remove stuff from the streams its impossible - weve tried an anti script & that doesnt work)- this has been forced on users to counter the fact that most people ignore sites in house R & R ,with the " it`s ok someone else can do that" attitude & many sites are losing money, making this simply not worth doing,at the very least you should cover costs of the site ( which many including us ARE NOT managing to achieve).We will seek alternative feeds obviously but this is a heads up reality check.If they dont make money they will simply move on & do something else- advertising pays for the sites its that fundamentally simple..... Most set up a system or have donations ,or even both ,ours is simple - UNBLOCK THE HOME PAGES OF OUR SITES & block the stream pages,im sorry to repeat myself here but people are not grasping this at all & given the TWO donations weve had this season its clear many ignore this page & even the home pages ! 

AUGUST 6 2015 - You may get a warning on Epl424 from google chrome ,we have stopped using Google adsense advertising ( you will recall the word SENSE was blocked in chat as to use it in chat is/was a violation of googles absurd rules & regs...as was even explaining it to people in chat! ) We started using a new company in january - the site is the same as we left it in may when chelsea won the league - only addition are the streams,google dont like sites using their browser & not using adsense (whether you are banned or active ) on any site builder,we use it cos its faster than the rest for building  iF THE SITE WAS OK FOR YOU IN JANUARY IT IS OK NOW - you have the option of the 2 sister sites,so you can use EPLSPORT or EPLTV if you want to.You can use ad block for stream pages but please disable for the home page - if you insist on blocking the home page then you can simply donate  to the site . >>> HERE 


The best way back in is to Clear the cache or make a new account - if that does not work,check your registered email for a verification warning from your original account ( i know most simple mashed the keypad "ksdjaks@hotmail.com " etc - that we cant help with). TRY MAKING A NEW ACCOUNT- This has worked for several people & until the long term solution is found its a way back in .Its clear they now wish to verify named users .

Adverts- we run an advert on the home page of all our sites & a banner on stream pages,we ask that you simply allow the home page & block the stream pages.This allows us to try to cover the cost of running Epl424.org which has its own server & VPN .The ads pay for the site (well thats the idea!) so users dont have too.The last 2 or 3 years its our users donations that have kept us going & that is wrong when there is a perfectly simple solution sat on the home page ! THIS IS WHY YOU ARE ASKED TO USE THE MENU,Other than annoying people asking for links & best channel, it helps you help me help us !

We have added sky sports extra links on EPLSPORT .To save space & for less confusion these are now embedded into the text of the menu in a " drop down" system...simply mouse over any SKY sports link & more options will become available .We will try to add 4 for each channel over the coming weeks ....

You will notice less channels on Epl424...this was done to enable more people to use the site at once.We had issues with a few hundred in & the site having source errors.This has not been as bad since the removal of 30 more or less unused channels .We had 600 extra people show up when a fellow site went down 5 weeks ago & we were ok on 1200 people so the removal of channels has been a good thing...

Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/Epl424.org